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The realization of a building site requires the intervention of several actors, whom their own obligations.

We can find the following actors in a building site :

  • The contracting authority (the future owner/user of the site)
  • The general contractor (ie the company/firm/ business group responsible for construction leading)
  • The architect (who could take the general contrator place)
  • The Safety Coordinator and Health Protection (status written in regulations)
  • Subcontractors companies performing activities on site according to the customer contracts.

We can also find :

  • Support to the contracting authority
  • The contracting authority can also be divided into a contracting authority office and a construction leading company
  • The government agencies (Labour Inspectorate, State Health Insurance Office, OPPBTP FRANCE)
  • Control agencies

The client is the first player in the project is that it defines the need (objective of the project budget and schedule).

He must :

  • Complete the administrative formalities to dealers (steps taken from the preliminary design).
  • To provide businesses with the facilities of VRD (roads, paved Connectings) needed to start work
  • Ensures the receipt of various approvals
  • Choose a CSPS the following category of site
  • Approve various subcontractors in accordance with the 1975 law on subcontracting
  • Validate the General Plan Coordinnation
  • Refer to choose the MOE project by providing the PGC
  • Proceed to the final acceptance of the work.

His work consists of some legal steps :

  • Commencement Notice
  • Building site opening statement (for any construction site employing at least 10 people more than a week)
  • Informative sign at the building site entrance
  • Consultation file including at least a General Coordination Plan for safety and health protection

Define a Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) including :

  • Ground plane
  • Meeting area
  • Storage / delivery area
  • Networks
  • Containment
  • Garbage dumpster
  • Washing station
  • Lifting rules (multiple cranes issues)
  • Infirmary (if more than 200 people on site)
  • Security fences

The design and implementation of a SCHP plan take place in two phases :


  • Set the CGP (Coordination Global Plan) and prepare files


  • Carry out inter-company inspections
  • Hold a building site log paper (called Log Journal)
  • Read PPSH (Particularly Plan Safety and Health) and validate
  • Direction of HSC (Health and Safety Commission) when there is one
  • Realization of joint inspection prior to any work on the site
  • Writing an Individual Plan Security and Health Protection
  • Every company wanting subcontracted must accessed providing PGC project during their tender

Similarly, it must comply with Act of 31 December 1975 on the outsourcing by providing a guarantee of payment when the contract is signed. It will also make the approval of subcontractor sound representations to the Owner.

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