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Good Practices

Coming and going

  • Place a confinement area at the entrance
  • Minimize travel without IPE (Individual Protective Equipment)
  • Provide pedestrian access
  • Provide a lighting system for traffic areas
  • Provide car park areas
  • Signpost access

Maintenance and care

  • Keep a cherry picker access to base camp
  • Provide water frost protection
  • Clean rainwater before commissioning
  • Cleaning supplies and stock storage area
  • Clean out bins daily
  • Keep hot water over 60°C (140°F)


  • Plan the base camp requirement before the installation by providing an installation schedule (floor preparation, fluid connection, telephone and internet)
  • Audit the electrical power requirement, plan the wiring installation
  • Estimate the peak number without underestimating : risk of being stuck. Add outhouses if needed
  • Floor preparation: care following geotechtonic report
  • Fluids: definitions overpass or buried
  • Dishes storage unit

Everyday life

  • Employees clothes drying installation (peg)
  • Provide boots washing machine
  • Compense drought (drikable or non drinkable water tarpaulin)
  • Provide bathrooms (depending of the site size)
  • Take care about environnemental rules
  • Provide an emergency phone
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